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Thermometers Thermometers Hort Instruments Meteorological Equipment Moisture Meters pH MetersWe are a New Zealand-based business specialising in measuring instruments for horticulture, orchards, vineyards, wine cellars, domestic gardens, and for meteorology. We import direct - low overheads - low margins - best price. Operating since 1994.

$5 Freight Nationwide on Web Orders !

Many instruments will assist the home gardener to become experts.

Commercial growers will find exact temperature - humidity - moisture readings will help the bottom line.

Handheld refractometers for brix levels.

Trade enquiries welcome. 

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We Stock:

Maximum minimum thermometer, soil thermometer, indoor outdoor thermometer, propagating thermometer, digital max/min thermometer & hygrometer for humidity, pen thermometer, soil thermometer, mini humidity dial, magnifier, wet & dry thermometer, wireless rain gauge, soil pH meter, moisture meter, moisture and pH tester, light and moisture meter, mini moisture meter, waterproof pH meter, handheld refractometer, brix meter, digital scales and many other types.